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How to automate Alerts from RunBot io
How to automate Alerts from RunBot io

A guide on how to connect the alerts to the WunderTrading and automate it.

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Connect your Runbot Alerts with WunderTrading webhook to convert them into automated trading. WunderTrading will instantly manage and send your orders on your favorite exchange.

When registering your API key on WunderTrading, be sure to Enable the "HEDGE MODE".

To receive your Strategy Alerts directly on your WunderTrading account and automate your trading, first go to [RunBot io].

Click "Add a new webhook" and choose a name for your Webhook connection. Then select it.

On the Webhook parameters box then 'Linked strategy', pick the strategy you want to receive alerts from.

Enter the initial capital you have on WunderTrading. This will also simulate your performances on the Runbot dashboard (same page).

Select WunderTrading Premium (if you have subscribed to a Premium membership on WunderTrading, this will allows you to enjoy all Runbot features, Free WunderTrading plan has limited features) to sends alerts. The WunderTrading Webhook URL will then appear automatically.

Once you have linked your exchange to WunderTrading (and verify hedge mode is activated), go to

Pick a name for your bot, a description, the exchange you want to trade on and the API as well.

Select RunBot as the Signal Source.

Enable "Custom amount sent from RunBot" in Trading amount.

Set max number of position at 100.

Copy the "Enter long" message.

Paste the "Enter long" message you just copied in Additional Data on RunBot, fill the key area:

Then, click

Go back to RunBot and click


to start your automated trading!

You can track all your active positions here:

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