✨ 07-09-2022

New features:

  • Arbitrage Trading is now live. We have extended the Spread Trading (now known as Spreads & Arbitrage). Traders can now choose any 2 exchanges and any pair on each of those. By Trading an Arbitrade pair traders essentially create a cross-exchange synthetic trading pair, which can be used either for Arbitrage trading or even more sophisticated Spread Trading.

  • Custom source signal. Traders can now send bot signals from private instances.

  • Unrealized PnL in $ added to Dashboard (Profit and Loss section).

  • LIVE DCA Positions now show how many entries the strategy has made.

  • Fixed amount trading is now supported by all Spot and Derivatives exchanges.

  • Copy-trading updates:

    • copy-trading results (PnL in $) for each copy trader's API profile are now available. You can find these stats in the "Manage copy-trading" > "copy-trader" tab

    • copy-traders must meet the minimum capital requirement set by the Trader before they can subscribe and start following the trader.

    • copy-traders can now copy the trading size

    • Traders can now clearly see the pricing that they set for each bot or API profile in the "Manage Copy Trading" tab (new column "Price")

✨ 05-07-2022

New features:

  • Show the number of open positions in Positions, Marketplace (Trader exchange account stats, bot stats), and Marketplace Follow popup. This should allow Copy-Traders to see unrealized P/L and to understand the risks that may be faced if engaged. For Traders, we believe it will be more convenient to see live results summarized.

  • Fees for limit orders were revised.

  • Traders can now add a description of a specific API for the Marketplace (Manage Copy-Trading >> EDIT button)

  • Traders can now add “Min. capital requirement ($)” (Manage Copy-Trading >> EDIT button) as a recommendation for Copy-Traders.

  • Marketplace tables now show the hedge mode/one-way mode state of the exchange profile of the Trader.

✨ 30-06-2022

New features:

  • error translations in positions and error notification emails

  • minimum trading amount lowered to $10

  • Bots can now enter the trade once they are set up, without having to wait for the signal

  • minor bug fixes

✨ 01-06-2022

Infrastructure upgrade.
WunderTrading is completing the final stage of the large infrastructure improvement.

The core features of the new update include:

  • Automatic scalability of the infrastructure. This will keep the performance of the bots stable throughout the volatile markets.

  • No downtime during feature updates. When the new exchange or additional features will be introduced to WunderTrading your bots will carry on working.

    The completion of the final stage will allow WunderTrading to implement new features without harming the performance of the platform, such as limit take profits, grid bot, cross-exchange arbitrage with multiple APIs, and spread trading bots.

✨ 23-03-2022

New exchanges integrated:

• OKX Futures

• OKX Swaps

• FTX.US is back.

New features:

• "Move to breakeven". This feature will allow you to set up the % target, after which the SL of the position will be moved to the average entry price of the strategy.

• "Keep My Position Open" (Spot exchange only) - When enabled this feature will monitor the strategy on the spot market even if the TP or SL is not set. Therefore the strategy will not be changed to completed straight after the opening.

• The DCA parameters: DCA order volume multiplier (1-10x) and DCA order price deviation multiplier can now be set as decimals and not the whole number.

✨ 10-02-2022

  • Spread Trading Terminal

  • Pause function for the bot

  • Infrastructure Update

  • Access to the platform from Germany is restored.

  • Filters for the Positions tab

  • Sorting in the live Positions tab by column Last updated

✨ 10-02-2022

  • Infrastructure Update

  • Bug fixes


The bot comments have been changed into the new format. Your old signals are still working and received by WunderTrading.

However, if you will update the key parameters of the bot( Bot Name, Exchange, Timeframe, Pair) it will change the signal comment and you will have to update the alert signal in the TradingView.

✨ 28-12-2021

  • Bybit One-Way / Hedge mode support (can be edited in API settings)

  • Order execution improvement during strong price movements

  • Stop Limit order for Binance and Binance-Futures

✨ 22-12-2021

  • Hedge mode is now supported on Binance Futures

  • Deribit exchange is back

  • Price monitoring improvements

  • Infrastructure improvements

✨ 20-08-2021

  • New integrated exchange Huobi Spot

  • New payment method (PayPal)

  • Allow re-follow if you have an active copy-trading subscription

  • Infrastructure improvement

  • Bug fixes

✨ 03-08-2021

  • Set custom Copy-trading volume

  • Set custom Copy-trading leverage

  • UI update for trader's profile page

  • Visual position live update is back

  • Infrastructure improvement

✨ 24-07-2021

  • Binance Futures Coin-M support added.

✨ 14-07-2021

  • Added support to send Custom Position size in the TradingView Alert to Wunderbit Trading.

  • Infrastructure updates

  • Design improvements

✨ 08-06-2021

  • Advanced stats are added to the Trader's profile page in the Marketplace.

✨ 28-04-2021

  • BitMEX exchange is now supported.

✨ 22-04-2021

  • Paid copy-trading subscriptions

  • Security improvements

  • DCA for Trading Bots

  • UI improvements

  • New crypto payment system - pay with numerous cryptocurrencies

✨ 10-03-2021

  • Infrastructure and security updates

  • PWA – install Wunderbit Trading as a standalone app on Chrome

  • Copy-traders can choose to follow only Entry/Exit signals of All actions of the Trader

  • UI and UX improvements

✨ 11-02-2021

  • DCA for terminal

  • Swing trade for bots

  • Positions moved to the new tab

  • Portfolio moved to the Dashboard

  • Copy-trading tab moved to the Marketplace

  • Multiple design and UX improvements

  • Infrastructure updates

✨ 15-01-2021

  • Trailing Stop for all exchanges is now implemented in a unified way. Traders can now specify activation price and Trailing Stop.

✨ 12-01-2021

  • Time in Force for Limit orders

  • Binance Spot, bot trading, the fixed amount added

  • Free 7 Day Trial of the PRO plan

  • Change Copy-Trading role is now available from the console (copy-trading tab)

  • Order monitoring refactoring

  • Mobile design polishing

  • Stop loss for spot trading is now enabled by default

  • Bots - TV signals logs, last 3 days

  • Entry price tooltip now also shows order type (Limit/Market)

  • Bug fixes

✨ 26-11-2020

  • Bybit USDT denominated pairs trading

✨ 23-11-2020

  • Paid subscriptions

✨ 04-11-2020

  • Futures spread trading

    Spread trading terminal allows you to select which assets you would like to use for creating a spread. To change the terminal view from Classic Trading to Spread Trading simply change the strategy type. You can find it right after the exchange selection dropdown.

  • Bitpanda Pro

  • Bittrex

  • A fixed amount ($) in bots for Binance Futures and Deribit

✨ 25-09-2020

  • Trader's public page. Every crypto trader now has a publicly available page with all API profiles and bots, including all stats and performance metrics.

  • Referrals. The referral system is finally available. To find your referral link go to the Referral tab. Traders can now refer to other users and will earn later as payments for copy-trading are introduced.

  • Enhanced statistics in the marketplace. We introduced new parameters that will help you to identify the best bots and traders on the platform. Users can now filter the marketplace by the number of completed deals in combination with the profit factor and the total profit in dollars and afterwards look into the crypto trading strategies of a single trader or bot.

  • Improved bot signal receiver mechanism.

  • Infrastructure stability improvements.

‍✨ 4-08-2020

  • Email notification settings.

‍✨ 3-08-2020

  • PnL statistics of strategy and Marketplace fixed.

‍✨ 30-07-2020

  • Copy-trading v2.1

    • Copy-traders can copy unlimited traders and bots

    • Free test-drive for copy-traders

    • Traders compete for followers

    • Single cabinet for all users

  • Multiple Take Profit targets

  • Minor bug fixes.

‍✨ 21-07-2020 – coming update details

Copy-trading V2 Update 1 (23 Jul 2020)

  1. Single cabinet for all

    1. Investors' accounts will be migrated to the trader's accounts. Only 1 type of account will be available in the future.

    2. Investors’ data (previous trades and copy-trading activity) will be removed.

  2. Copy-trading will be based on signals. Traders will not see the profile details of their copy-traders.

    1. Trader's actions over copy-traded strategies will take place only if that relates to the open or close of the position.

    2. If a trader makes an edit of open trade, details of the update will NOT be sent to copy-trader

    3. A copy-trader can make an edit of any copy-traded strategy

  3. Trader’s tab of Marketplace will be changed from account-based statistics to API profiles based statistics. Thus if a trader has 3 API connected in his cabinet, each of the API will be shown in the Marketplace as a separate account available for copy-trading.

  4. We encourage traders to allow copying their trades free of commissions until the next release. This is an amazing opportunity for traders to start growing their copy-traders community. Once the second release is out, Trader's will be able to set their commissions and get paid for copy-trading.

Role details and terms can be found in documentation https://docs.wunderbit.co/traders/copy-trading

Copy-trading V2 Update 2 (ETA mid-august 2020)

  1. Introduction of balances

    1. Every user that is starting copy-trading activity will have a balance account in USD stablecoins.

  2. Transparent history of connections between traders and copy-traders.

  3. The full history of commission payments and fees.

Copy-trading V2 Update 3 (ETA late august 2020)

  1. Referral system for copy-traders

‍✨ 06-07-2020

  • KuCoin exchange added

  • Limit entries for bots. This feature will allow you to set Bid / Ask / Last price for the limit entries. You could also select the price deviation from the signal of entry. [FTX and Deribit only]

  • The fixed trading amount for bots. Now your bot can use the fixed amount for trading and would you leverage to make sure that the amount that you inputted would stay constant. [FTX and Deribit only]

  • Tooltips for entry and exit prices. These tooltips will show you the entry end exit timestamps and also highlight if the exit price was executed by take-profit / stop-loss/ trailing stop and if the action was executed by trader or bot.

  • Swing Trade. You can now easily swing your position in the opposite direction from the dashboard.

  • Market Enter. This feature is available in the dashboard when you placed the limit order but your price was not filled and the market reversed. With a click of the button, you can execute your order using the market price.

  • Minor bug fixes.

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