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Spreads & Arbitrage trading
How to use Spreads and Arbitrage trading
How to use Spreads and Arbitrage trading

This guide covers how to use the Spreads and Arbitrage feature on WunderTrading to trade different pairs across different exchanges.

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On WunderTrading, you can buy assets on one exchange and sell them on another exchange using the Spreads and Arbitrage feature.

To do this, you need to go to the Terminal tab and select Spreads & Arbitrage as Strategy Type. Then you need to select exchanges and API for Base Exchange (where assets will be bought) and Quote Exchange (where assets will be sold).

After that, select Base pair (pair you would like to buy) and Select Quote pair (pair you would like to sell). This is shown in the following screenshot:

After that, you need to set up all the remaining parameters of your strategy: Order type, Price, Portfolio size, etc.

That's it! Now you can create a Spreads and Arbitrage strategy and trade across different exchanges.

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