The trailing stop has two parameters: Activation Price (Trailing Stop Activation) and Trailing stop (Trailing Stop Execute)

The first determines the level after which your trailing stop becomes active. The second parameter is the actual trailing stop.

To activate the trailing stop the price need to reach the activation level first, which means that the price has to go in the direction of your trade for the % that you input in the activation price field.

When the activation price will be reached this will be the starting point for your trailing stop. If the price will continue increasing your trailing stop will be trailing in the same direction on a fixed distance (in % that you input in the Trailing stop parameter).

If the price will go down after it reached the activation price then the stop will be active and will stay at a fixed distance from the activation price based on the % input of the trailing stop parameter. If the Activation price is not reached then your strategy does not have the stop level.

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