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Trading Terminal Overview
Trading Terminal Overview

Guide on main features and functionality of the WunderTrading Terminal.

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The trading terminal consists of two main parts. The first one is an integrated chart from TradingView. The second part is the trading in which you will input all the parameters of your strategy.

TradingView Graph

Above the TradingView graph, you will find the available balance in all currencies that you currently have in your exchange. This will only count the assets which are not used in any of your trading strategies. The integrated TradingView chart allows you to apply technical analysis tools to the asset of your choice for fast and quick execution of the strategy.

Trading Panel

A trading panel is a form in which you will input all the parameters of your trading strategy.

First, select the exchange on which you would like to trade. (this will be a drop-down list based on the API that you connected). Then select the API profile on this exchange that you would trade with. You can select multiple APIs at the same time to make a simultaneous entry on several API profiles. After that, select the strategy type. You can choose from Classical trading, Spread Trading, or DCA strategy.

Select the direction of the trade. You can either go Long (buy an asset) or Short (sell and asset). Select the trading pair. This will be the drop-down list that will show which pairs you are able to trade based on your balance of the portfolio. For example: if you have only USDT in your account you will not be able to trade on the pair ETH/BTC and will not be shown in the drop-down list. Select order type. These will vary depending on the exchange that you are trading on.

Select the Share or the amount of portfolio that you would like to use in this trade. You can either put the % of the portfolio that you would like to use or set the fixed amount in the base currency.

Select Take-Profit levels, Stop-Loss level, or Trailing stop for your strategy.

Even though the Take-profit and Stop-loss settings are not mandatory, we strongly recommend using them as the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and trading on leverage can be extremely risky, leading to the complete loss of the initial investment.

After the form is filled press the "Create strategy" button to activate your strategy.

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