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Send signals from your server
Send signals from your server

The guide covers how to set up a bot with your own IP and send signals from your own server.

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You can send signals to your WunderTrading bot not only from TradingView but also from your own server.

To achieve this, you need to go to Settings and select Bot Server IP.

Then, you need to add an IP address by clicking on Add New and entering your IP address.

After adding your IP address to the list, it will receive the status Pending.

Please, wait until your IP is approved. Otherwise, your bot will not work.

Now, when your IP address is added and approved you can connect your bot to your own server with the added IP address.

For that, you need to go to My Bots and click Custom in the Signal source box. Please, note that the WebHook URL will change.

That's it! Now your bot will receive signals from your own server and you do not need to use TradingView.

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