If you would like to send your signals through WunderTrading and automate them for your users, you will need to do just one simple step. Fill in the form below:

Once approved you will see a new menu under the Marketplace section.

Signal providers can send signals from TradingView or from any other source. For custom signal, details see API documentation.

Signal provider console setup

1. Create a signal channel

2. Fill in basic information about the signal channel

You can send the signal either from Tradingview, or you can use your own dedicated server. If you would like to use your own server (“Custom” Signal source). Please provide this IP address in the settings.

3. Use API documentation or a snippet on the right to send your signal.

Update or delete the fields that you do not need in your signal. You can add up to 6 take profits. But make sure that the Portfolio amount adds up to 1 (100%), otherwise, the strategy will not be created.

4. If you would like to provide the access to your signal channel to a limited number of people to follow you can set the subscription price for your signal group.

  • Free price will allow anyone to follow.

  • Setting any price will give the user 3 options:

    • Prepaid (users will require the code from the Signal Provider to be added to the channel. This can be anything that the signal provider will give to the user to identify the user)

    • Crypto

    • Payment cards

If you want users to use only prepaid, you can set a high price, $1000 e.g. for everyone else.

5. Find/approve your followers

You can see all your followers in the “My Followers” / “My Signal Channel Followers” tab. Here you would be able to check the followers and their current status and approve or decline followers who are on the waiting list.

6. Set up your Payout address here if you want to accept payments for your channel through WunderTrading

If you would like to process the subscription of your followers through WunderTrading then a commission fee of 5% or 5$ (Whichever is greater) will be redeemed from the payment. All the payouts will be made before the 14th of each month for the previous month.

7. Once you are live, users can find you in the Marketplace

8. Follow the window for users

9. Users will find the connections here when they subscribe

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