Wunder Keltner bot

Wunder Keltner bot is based on the breakout of the Keltner channel

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For calculation, 2 channels are used, one for long trades, and the other for short trades. The division into 2 channels is used for more accurate entry calculations depending on trend directions.

The ADX indicator is used to filter signals and determine the trend strength. ADX determines the strength of the trend and confirms the entry into the strategy if the value is greater than the level indicated in the settings.

A function for calculating risk on the portfolio (your deposit) has been added to the script. When this option is enabled, you get a calculation of the entry amount in dollars relative to your Stop Loss. In the settings, you can select the risk percentage on your portfolio. The loss will be calculated from the amount that will be displayed on the chart.

For example. Deposit - $1000, you set the risk to 1%. SL 5%. Entry volume will be $200. The loss at SL will be $10.10$ this is your 1% risk or 1% of the deposit.

Important! In most cases, in this script, the risk per trade would be less than the Stop Loss value. If the risk is greater than Stop loss, then the script will use leverage.

How to connect to the Wunder Keltner Bot?

  • Add a strategy from our TradingView profile to your profile.

  • Choose individual settings for the bot for your asset and your timeframe;

  • Add your comments from the WunderTrading bot settings in the "WunderTrading Comments" field

  • Create an alert on TradingView

More instructions about how to connect bots to WunderTrading:

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