Dear Traders,

we are excited to announce that the update will take place on 17th November 2021 11:00 (UTC+3). Expected downtime: 2 hours.

What to do before the update?

  1. Close all open positions*

    • during the update, the status of all unclosed positions will be changed to FAILED. It means that the actual positions will be left open on the exchange and you will be able to monitor these positions on the exchange directly.

  2. All Bot signals received during the update will be ignored.

What's included in the update?

  1. Engine 2.0 of the trading system. This will reduce the latency dramatically and remove limits on further scalability.

  2. Increase the maximum number of APIs in the strategy created from the Terminal or through a Bot to 500 per strategy.

  3. Marketplace card view.

  4. Portfolio tracker, view split by API profile.

  5. UI improvements.

  6. Bug fixes.

What else?

  • Spread trading will be disabled for 1-2 weeks time after the update.

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