If you trade on Binance (Futures) and, when creating your trading strategy, receive an error regarding API connection, such as

or in the "My Exchanges" tab in the line of the API profile you see

Please reconnect your API profile by double-clicking on the "Edit" button (first in the line of the corresponding API profile, and then in the newly opened tab with the settings of this API profile).

Also please make sure to check the following:

1) You have created a Binance Futures account BEFORE connecting it to WunderTrading.

2) You have passed the quiz testing your knowledge of derivatives trading on Binance Futures and you made at least one trade through Binance Futures trading terminal.

3) You have enabled ALL the Permissions except for the Withdrawal Permission.

4) Make sure you do not have the IP binding enabled in Binance API settings.

5) Disable website translation. It often tries to translate API keys. Even one additional space makes keys invalid.

! If none of the above helps, please delete your API key and try to create and connect a new API key using a different browser. This is especially relevant to Google Chrome users (you can try to use Opera or Mozilla Firefox).

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