The list of strategies, at the bottom, will show all the current and past strategies, that you executed. Each strategy can be unfolded, by pressing on it and you would be able to see the detailed statistics about the strategy and how it was executed for each copy-trader / follower.

You can apply the filters at the top if you would like to look only at the active strategies or select just those strategies that were completed.

The small icon of the robot next to the id of the strategy is an indicator that this trade was performed by the bot that you created.

You can also edit/ close / or cancel each strategy that is currently active.

What does P/L show in the position?

When you have the open position, the P/L column will show the difference between the average open price and the current market price of the asset.
It is calculated as (Open Price - Current Price) / Open Price.

When the position is completed, the P/L column will recalculate your Profit or Loss taking into account the commission from the exchange and will show you the net amount that you achieved in this trade.

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