How to connect your TradingView Study Alerts to WunderTrading?

  1. Convert your Strategy into Alerts. Change the type of your script from strategy to study and change your strategy.entry() and strategy.exit() into alertcondition(). Save this as a new study.

  2. Apply this study to the graph that you want it to work on. Carefully select the trading pair, exchange and timeframe for which you want this alert to work.

  3. Start creating the alert. In the field “Condition” select your alert as labelled in your strategy. In “Alert Conditions” select “Webhook URL” and insert the URL that you see on this page.

  4. Specify the “Message”. For each of your 4 conditions (Enter Long, Exit Long, Enter Short, Exit Short”) you will have a unique message that will trigger the Terminal to execute a trade based on your signals.

Hint: Every change you make on either the code or the alerts. You need to delete the alert and create a brand new one.

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