My bot does not work

FAQ: A short guide on what to do if your bot does not work on the WunderTrading platform.

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Please check out the tutorial to make sure that you correctly set the bot depending on your strategy or study script:

Tutorial for Strategy Script:

Please check the webhook and comments that you insert into the TradingView alerts.

If you set everything correctly but the bot does not trigger the strategy, please check the following:

1) Do you have any logs for your bot in WunderTrading. You can check this by clicking the "log" button next to your bot. If there are no logs then there is no connection between WunderTrading and Tradingview. Please check the bot comments that you inserted and the webhook. Make sure that they are identical to your bot settings.

2) If logs exist, then you should have a failed position in the Positions>History>Cancelled tab. Click on the position to identify the error. When you will identify the error, please refer to our FAQ to understand and troubleshoot the issue.

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